The ASEM Work Placement Programme (ASEM WPP) enables internships exchange between Europe and Asia.


The ASEM Work Placement Programme (ASEM WPP) was established for promoting the exchange of talent between Europe and Asia within the ASEM education process. This programme focuses on work placements for students enrolled in higher education. The destination countries for European students are Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, The Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam. In addition to the general criteria of the programme, the sending country can have its own application criteria.

Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible, the application needs to fulfill the minimum criteria below:

  • Applications can be accepted in all disciplines;
  • There is no restriction on nationality of the applicant;
  • Before the start of the work placement the applicant of an ASEM WPP work placement has completed at least one year of higher education (for European students 60 credits) in a study programme;
  • The ASEM WPP work placement forms an integral part of the curriculum of the applicant and should be recognized by the home university;
  • The applicant, his/her higher education institution in the home country (home institution) and an institution/organization/company in the host country (host institution) have established a Work Placement Agreement;
  • The applicant has a sufficient level of the English language, certified by either of the following:
    • an overall band score of minimum 6 on the IELTS test;
    • a minimum total score of 80 on the TOEFL test;
    • a B2 level on the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE);
    • a similar result in another official test recognized by the home institution;
    • an attestation issued by the home institution stating that the student has reached level B2 in the English language.

Please note: in addition to the general criteria of the programme, the country of destination may also apply its additional admission criteria.


  • The duration of a mobility under ASEM WPP is minimum one month and maximum six months;
  • Upon completion of the work placement, the student is required to submit a Work placement Evaluation and an ASEM WPP Student Report for which formats will be provided.

Scholarship amount

  • A scholarship amount of €700 per month;
  • A fixed amount of €1 500 for travel costs;
  • Students who can demonstrate at the time of the application that they belong to an underrepresented group will receive an additional allowance of €200 per month.

Application and selection procedure

There are two calls for applications per year:

  • during the call in the spring, you can apply for a grant for an internship in the first semester of the following academic year;
  • during the call in autumn, you can apply for a scholarship for an internship in the second semester of the same academic year.

The higher education institution receives the student applications and then carries out the preselection and content approval of the internship itself.

Other steps that the students have to go through can be found on the Students on the Move-website.

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