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The Flemish Higher Education Council, abbreviated VLUHR, has been jointly established by all Flemish actors in higher education - in accordance with the educational decrees. Its members are the five universities united in the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR) and the 13 universities of applied sciences (and arts) united in The Flemish Council of Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (VLHORA).

The VLUHR responds to an evolution in educational policy in which universities and universities of applied sciences and arts develop their academic and professional training in a complementary way. The new VLUHR umbrella organisation therefore does not act as a replacement for the existing umbrella organisations VLIR and VLHORA, but, by extension, exercises the tasks that are jointly taken up in the Flemish higher education area across universities and universities of applied sciences (and arts), guided by their associations.

VLUHR International consists of a team of policy advisors and administrative staff, led by the secretaries-general of VLIR and VLHORA and under the supervision of the Executive Committee Internationalisation (BCi), which includes representatives of the universities and universities of applied sciences (and arts). The Executive Committee is mandated in its tasks by the Board of Governors of the VLUHR.

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Our mission

The mission of VLUHR International is to support the internationalisation processes of Flemish higher education. Complementary to the activities of the individual higher education institutions, VLUHR International acts overarchingly through cross-institutional initiatives, with as main pillars the international marketing and promotion of the Flemish higher education institutions, an optimal and efficient support of student and staff mobility and the creation of a knowledge and expertise network of internationalisation in higher education.

VLUHR International forms the bridge between the (Flemish) higher education institutions and the government and also positions itself in the European and international field in order to be able to assess and implement ideas in these fora as well.

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Discover our team

Koen Verlaeckt
Lieve Coninx
Policy advisor internationalisation
  • Outgoing and incoming missions
  • Lerende netwerken
  • Executive Committee Internationalisation (BCi)
  • DPO
Renilde Knevels
Policy advisor internationalisation
  • Scholarship programs
  • Promotion of Flanders and Brussels as a study destination
  • International Networks
Chantal De Keersmaecker
Account manager
  • ASEM Work Placement Programme
  • Generic scholarships
  • Priority Country Programme
  • The Washington Center
Alicia Decoster
Administrative assistant
  • Summer courses
  • Joint programmes
  • Professorships
  • Bilateral agreements
  • Higher Education Fairs
Yvana Ceyssens
Administrative assistant
  • Master Mind Scholarship
  • World@School
  • Erasmus+ Traineeship after graduation
  • Branding & Communication