International marketing and promotion of the Flemish higher education institutions

Impactful international marketing and promotion needs close cooperation with the Flemish government and the Flemish, federal and foreign diplomatic players in our country. Consequently, it also includes activities commissioned by the Flemish government, the financial conditions of these are outlined in a governmental or ministerial decision. We distinguish four closely-linked sub-tasks that fall under the international marketing and promotion of Flemish higher education institutions: branding & communication, higher education scholarships, data management and official missions.

Branding and communication

A joint marketing and promotion strategy of the Flemish higher education institutions with a strong, internationally recognized brand name not only increases the visibility of our Flemish universities and colleges of higher education, by internationally promoting the quality of our education we also strengthen the brands "Flanders" and "Brussels" as a study and knowledge destination. For this purpose the project and brand "Study in Flanders" was created, with a new logo, a corporate identity and a useful website.

Logo Study in Flanders.

Higher education fairs

To put Flemish higher education on the international map, VLUHR-i participates in international network fairs under the name Study in Flanders. We support and coordinate the participation of the Flemish higher education institutions in international network fairs APAIE, NAFSA and EAIE.

We also promote Flanders and Brussels as study destinations on international recruitment fairs from Japan to Mexico.

Study in Flanders booth.

Data management

VLUHR-i provides the Flemish government in general, but the Department of Foreign Affairs in particular, with relevant data on internationalisation in higher education. In order to accomplish this task, VLUHR-i collects data on international student mobility from various agencies, as well as on cooperation agreements between Flemish higher education institutions and institutions abroad.

VLUHR-i also participates in the annual diplomatic days. These days, ambassadors, consuls-general and permanent representatives at international institutions are in Brussels to discuss Belgian diplomacy and strengthen their relations with the political, business and academic world in Belgium. VLUHR-i also actively participates in the briefings of outgoing diplomatic heads of missions of the FPS Foreign Affairs. For these briefings, as well as for official outgoing and incoming missions, the team draws up country sheets with relevant higher education data.

Data on computer screen.

Official missions

VLUHR-i coordinates the academic part of outgoing state visits and supports the rectors, general directors and secretaries-general of the Flemish knowledge institutions in their participation in these missions. The aim is to increase the involvement of the universities and colleges of higher education and to maximize their impact.

VLUHR-i informs the Flemish higher education institutions about official incoming and outgoing missions (princely and economic missions) and supports the institutions where possible in the participation and coordination of incoming official delegations.

State Visit Luxemburg 2019.